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Telephone TOWN HALLS

Bring the benefits of live interactive town hall meetings to the comfort of homes and offices!

What it is

Telephone town halls are meant to simulate an in-person town hall. They are an opportunity to get a lot of people together in one place to tell them about the work you are doing, provide them with valuable community updates and seek their opinion, and input. It is an opportunity to contact every home in your riding, by dialing out a list of target phone numbers, who receive a previously recorded message from you, inviting them to remain on the line if they wish to be transferred automatically to your town hall event. During the town hall participants have the ability to interact with you - Live - hear from you on your policy positions, ask you questions and participate in optional integrated Survey Questions using their phones.


It increases your name recognition and positions you as an open and trustworthy representative willing to connect with all constituents, identify new supporters, update your calling lists, all while giving your community the opportunity to hear from you in person. We will screen those participants wishing to ask a question and ask participants survey questions during a pre-arranged point in the survey. We will also deliver a detailed report complete with participant statics as well as digital recordings of your event.



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