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Expert polling, surveys and market research solutions!

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Qualitative Research

Our sister company, Campaign Research, provides exploratory research to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions and motivations. We conduct online and in-person focus groups, depth interviews and bio metric research. We also offer a state-of-the-art focus group facility located in downtown Toronto just steps from the financial district.

Advanced Analytics

Our sister company, Campaign Research produces insights through modeling of internal and external data to help improve your decision making. Our services include Customer Path to Purchase Studies, Advertisement and Copy Testing, Regression Analysis, Net Promoter Score, New Product Development, Voter Behaviour and more.

Quantitative Research

Our sister company, Campaign Research, generates data that is transformed into usable statistics to formulate facts and uncover patters. We design, implement and oversee various data collection methods including polls, questionnaires and surveys.

Research Consulting

Our sister company, Campaign Research serves clients with a team of highly specialized researchers, strategists and tacticians supported by an army of data capture and collection agents who use the latest telephony and online data capture, analysis and visualization tools. Together our team makes our clients' complicated challenges quantifiable, and solvable. As a MRIA Accredited Gold Seal Corporate Member, we are part of a select group of Canadian providers that are governed by professional market research standards. When you work with our team, you can be assured that your business decisions are based on a foundation of rigorous and ethical data collection.



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